Soso & Frieda synopsis:
Frieda, une souris sauvage exubérante et rigolote, s’est réfugiée dans la demeure des humains de Soso, la Chihuahua « tea cup » esseulée.

Devenues inséparables, les deux amies s’amusent, méditent et ironisent avec sagesse et humour sur leur quotidien, l’environnement, le contexte sociopolitique et les valeurs sociétales.

Bien que nous ayons créé Soso & Frieda sous forme de bande dessinée, nous visons à produire du matériel pédagogique,  des séries Web, une émission de télévision pour tous les âges et éventuellement un long métrage.   

Soso & Frieda synopsis:

Frieda, an exuberant and funny wild mouse, has taken refuge in the home of Soso, the lonesome tea cup Chihuahua.

Having become inseparable, the two friends have fun, meditate and ironize with wisdom and humor on their daily life, the environment, the socio-political context and the societal values.

Created in the form of panels, we aim to develop the comic book Soso & Frieda into 
educational material, web series, television programs for all ages, and eventually feature films.

The Soso and Frieda collection is intended for little ones as well as for young readers whose parents wish to open topics of discussion on social and environmental issues.  

While anthropomorphizing animals is innate in humans, it does raise questions that need thoughtful consideration. How does anthropomorphizing affect animals and children? How should we treat animals? Should we keep wild animals as pets? Are animals who are bred to be tiny, (e.g. Soso) continue to be bred this way? 
It is also important that children develop their capacity to begin to use and properly distinguish the concepts found in science, politics, fiction, history, religion, and art. Developing this capacity allows them to be more comfortable in many worlds. 

It is true that all authors have a cultural bias, but we try to offer an opportunity to engage with children on issues that may become very important to them. 

The collection is also bilingual and is intended for second language learners of all ages. We encourage students to embrace diversity and to develop their sense of empathy.